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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is an auto title loan?
Auto title loans is a loan based on the value of your vehicle, otherwise known as "auto equity loans", or "pink slip loans". We have programs that provide you with quick access to cash based on the value of your paid off car or truck, NOT your credit score! Your vehicle is your credit. Remember we loan you the money, and you get to keep your vehicle.

Why should I use VIP Finance as opposed to other title lenders?
VIP Finance is..
1. By far the lowest total payback in the industry.
2. Locally owned and operated as the First Auto Title lender in the Metroplex with thousands of satisfied customers.
3. Registered Lender with the State of Texas governed by the laws of Texas. Most of our competitors are out of the state lenders governed by out of state laws that are more favorable to them.
4. Most lenient grace period for late and missed paymets in the industry.
5. If you need additional money, you can get a cash advance on your current loan.
6. VIP offers real loans with a 1 year term. Unlike our competition, VIP offers real loans with real terms, not a one month loan that expires every 30 days and so with VIP you don't need to fill out new loan paperwork every time you come in to make your payment.

Can I keep my car?
Yes you stay the owner of your car, you continue to drive your car with no restrictions.

What Happens if Your Vehicle is Wrecked or Breaks Down?
We offer you a membership in a "Lender approved Auto Club", this protects you in case your vehicle is wrecked or breaks down, you turn in your vehicle and then you can just walk away and the auto club is responsible for paying off your loan. Our competition does not offer any assistance or protection. If your vehicle is broken down or wrecked you are 100% responsible for the car and your loan pay off.

What if I have really bad credit?
Your credit score is irrelevant to us.

Can I get a loan if I collect disability or am retired?
Yes, you just need to prove your income is consistent.

Does my car need to be paid off?

What do I need to bring?
1.Your Vehicle for inspection
2.Clear Texas Title
3.Extra set of keys (if available)
4.Proof of income
5.Proof of residence

How long does it take?
Approximately thirty minutes

Do you loan money on anything besides cars?
We loan money on just about anything with a clear Texas title. Examples include RVs, motorcycles and industrial equipment.

What happens if I am late or miss a payment?
Because we are locally owned and operated we are not like our corporate owned competition, we are able to work with you if you need to miss or be late on a payment.